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Is Facebook heading for self-destruction?

It seems there is a fair amount of arrogance at Facebook. I came across two warnings today that I repposted on my own Facebook page.

Firstly, one message going the rounds and which I found to be accurate was the

Enter the rabbit

Taiwan, China commentary published 25 February 2011

On 3 February, Chinese around the world welcomed in the Year of the Rabbit. The rabbit (or hare) is the fourth character in the Chinese horoscope and follows on from the Year of …

Death of a soldier

Monthly commentary on the Philippines, for February 2011

Falling on one’s sword is not a claim to heroism, it is merely an act of dignity.

On 8 February, Angelo Reyes, a former chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines …

The fundamentals of workplace writing

Module 6 of our course in effective business writing looks at the fundamentals of writing in the workplace. This is a writing genre all of its own and we will use this blog to outline some of our ideas.

Perhaps …

Apples from China

With recent flooding and now cyclones, Australian primary industry is in disarray and there are fears that Australia is about to be flooded with cheap imports; apples from China and bananas from the Philippines are likely to compound the short-term …

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