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Using the Notebook Layout View in Word 2011

MS Office users migrating to Mackintosh computers will note a number of immediate differences as compared to their programs running on a PC. For PC users, the latest version of Office is Office 2010 while for Mac users it is …

Applying readability tests to a document

In Britain and America (and probably Australia), the average reading age of the population is about 13 years. This means that a magazine has to pitch its articles to this age group in order to be understood by the bulk …

Writing for an international audience

Our new course Advanced English Skills for International Business is all about writing plain English in business, and writing it well. Writing good English will give you and your company, the competitive edge. This means using words that are universally …

So you think you don’t need an editor?

In this day of automatic spelling and grammar checkers, the need for an external editor is often overlooked. For any major writing project this is faulty logic.  Whatever writing project you are engaged in, the assistance of an editor

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