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Twelve reasons for having an Internet strategy for your business

Internet strategySince commercial Internet burst upon us in the mid nineteen-nineties, most businesses have come to recognize the importance of the Internet to their business model. The Internet is both a communication tool as well as a marketing and sales tool …

Vision statements and mission statements

Vision statements and mission statements – what’s the difference?

From vision to mission

The mission and the vision

In two of my courses (Blogging for Business and Marketing for Small Business) we discuss the role of vision statements and mission statements and it appears …

Business and the social media

The  social media is growing in its importance to business

The Yellow Social Media Report

The Yellow Social Media Report 2012 : Click for website

Intuitively, we are all aware of the growing interest of the business community in social media. You only have to …

Use and abuse of email

It is hard to imagine life without email, yet just fifteen years ago in the mid 1990s, email was still a novelty. Email has become pervasive and yet it has also become pernicious. It is worth spending some time looking …

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