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So you want to be a children’s author?

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Khushi who recently wrote me:

Hey Mike. How are you going? I have a question if you could please help me with it. I aspire to write a children’s book but have

CloudOn – a great app for bringing MS Office to your mobile

A free app that will increase your mobile productivity

One of the great frustrations of being an iPad owner has been the inability to bring over my MS Office documents and work on the fly with them. Sure, iPad and …

Courses in marketing for small business

Overview social networking 2013

In recent weeks we have been running our Marketing for Small Business course at the Gold Coast TAFE and in August will move on to Internet Marketing. Two other related courses, Social Media and Blogging for

Is social media shaping the face of online marketing?

Lots of companies look to online methods to get their brands known. They try different tactics to get their target audience to notice them, and one of these is social media. It has evolved from being a soundboard for personal …

What is the real story of online training?

Increasingly we are seeing training courses move online. We are bombarded with offers to attend webinars – some free, others quite expensive – and even universities and colleges such as TAFE sector are seeking to cut costs and reach more …

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