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Increase your productivity through training in computer skills and in effective writing

In the store you will find resources designed to help you develop your creativity as well as your productivity. Based on the original courses Mike has developed, you can purchase complete course manuals or complete courses.

Furthermore to make it even easier, you can opt for either the on-screen reading edition or the full edition, which also allows you to print the content. There is a difference in file sizes of course as each is optimised for the medium for which it is designed.

When you purchase one of our books you will be sent a confirmation email to your nominated address giving you the link you need to download the book. If you purchase a read-only book and later decide you want to upgrade, you simply pay the upgrade price to receive a new password that will unlock the additional features. All books are available in PDF format and designed for on-screen reading.

Some of our books are also available in the new ‘epub’ format. This is becoming the new standard for hand-held devices such as smartphones and iPads. Please be aware that while the text is the same, some of the graphic content has been stripped from the epub edition.

‘Living books’

Software changes frequently with upgrades and bug fixes; these changes can play havoc with training manuals which can quickly go out of date. So Dr. Mike Clancy, (popularly known as The Creative Genie) has come up with the concept of ‘Living Books’that grow and accommodate change so you can stay updated with the latest course materials without having to re-purchase valuable manuals.

Once you purchased a title from our bookshop you will be able to download free-of-charge any updates to that title.

Whether you use a computer for business or pleasure, our training manuals and course books are designed to boost your productivity through harnessing the technology, hardware and software at your disposal and thereby allowing you to give full flair to your creative mind.

Mike’s books are available at present as downloadable PDF documents optimized for on-screen reading with active hyperlinks enabled so that, if you are online, you can refer to source documents referenced in the text.

All books are based on training courses delivered by Dr. Mike Clancy, both in Australia and overseas.

Need training? Click here to find out what courses are available. Full course materials include not only the printable training manuals but also class handouts and PowerPoint presentations – you can have a full pre-tested course at your fingertips.

Titles and courses currently available

An introduction to electronic publishing

Learn how to take advantage of this new and evolving publishing medium
Traditional bookshops are on the decline; online publishing is fast becoming the norm. The recent emergence of smartphones and tablet computers has hastened the demand for access to electronic books. Whether you are a writer or a reader of books, you need to understand and be able to use this exciting new medium. This is a practical self-help book, designed primarily for writers and trainers who may be interested in publishing their material electronically but also useful to those who want to be able to access, read and purchase electronic books.Format: PDF, A4 size, 70 pages with glossary, 18,000 words also available as an ePub versionPrice: $4.95 (PDF – illustrated), $1.95 ePubISBN: 978-0-9807978-6-2 (pdf)First published: 2012Click here for more

Making friends with computers

Making the most of your investment at minimal cost to your pocket
This is our current entry-level workbook for anyone who is new to computers and wants to learn how to manage their investment. Both PCs and Macs are covered to give this publication the greatest possible versatility.Format: PDF, A4 size, 166 pages, 48,000 words (ePub version in preparation)Price: $4.95 ISBN: 978-0-9807978-2-4 (pdf)First published: 2012Click here for more

Developing persuasive business documents

Enhance your brand image with effective writing
English is the language of international business and the way you write and present your documents determines the quality of your brand—both as an individual and as a company. This book looks at the way we plan, construct and deliver business documents. Mastery of this complex subject will give you the opportunity to shine and will prepare you for leadership within your organization.Format: PDF, A4 size, 140 pages, 45,000 words (ePub version in preparation)Price: $6.95ISBN:978-09807978-3-1 (pdf)First published: 2011, updated 2012Click here for more

Becoming a power user of MS Office

Understanding your tools of trade
In order to write efficiently and productively, you need to have a thorough grasp of your ‘tools of trade’. For most people, this means being able to use the range of programs included in Microsoft Office.Whether you’re using a PC or a Mac, this course will take you beyond the basics and show you how to become a power user that will enhance your productivity and skill set.Format: PDF, A4 size, 52 pages, 16,000 words (ePub version in preparation)Price: $6.95ISBN: 978-0-9807978-4-8 (pdf)First published: 2010; updated 2012 Click here for more

Effective writing

Combining creativity with productivity
There are numerous books about writing and there are plenty about how to use computers. But there are very few books that put the two together.This book and the course that goes with it is designed for people who want to unlock their creative skills and increase their productivity. An experienced mentor and trainer, Mike knows the power of effective communication. It is a skill that improves self-confidence and self-esteem enabling you to move ahead in your life and in your work. Better yet! With a little time and effort, anyone can learn these skills—and (effectively used) your computer programs can help and guide you.Format: printable PDF, A4 size, 120 pages, 46,000 wordsPrice: $6.95ISBN: 978-0-98077978-1-7First published: 2011Click here for more

Word Power

Crafting your business writing for maximum impact
This book has been designed with workplace writing in mind. We give you the tools you need to create high quality and compelling workplace documents through cultivation of good writing practices. You will learn how to plan and structure persuasive documents; the principles of layout and style as well as the fundamentals of good editing practice.Format:PDF, A4 size, 85 pages, 34,000 wordsPrice: $7.95ISBN: 978-0-9807978-5-5 (pdf)First published: 2011Click here for more

Get connected get business

Learn how to create your own global brand and enhance your business profits
This is an indispensible reference guide for anyone seeking to build a business presence on the Internet. In five easy-to-read chapters you will learn all you need to set up a home-based business that can take advantage of current marketing trends including social networking and blogging.Note: This manual incorporates An introduction to computers Format: PDF, A4 size, 136 pages, 56,000 wordsPrice: $4.95ISBN: N/AFirst published: 2009Click here for more

Build your business with social networking

Developing a client base through easy online promotion
For businesses, social networking – judiciously used – canhelp build your brand and assist you in developing a loyal client or customer base. Social networking is not just for big business, of the three million business pages onFacebook, more than 50 percent of them are owned by small businesses.Whether you are in small business or an individual developing a career path, this book will show you how you can use social networking to your advantage.Format: PDF, A4 size, 40 pages, 14,000 words (ePub version in preparation)Price: $4.95ISBN: N/AFirst published: 2009, updated 2011Click here for more

Blogging for fun and profit

Let blogging help build your online brand
There are probably more than 50 million bloggers throughout the world and an increasing number of businesses – including small businesses are turning to the blogosphere to build their brand online, create new avenues for interacting with customers, or provide a platform for customer service. Increasingly business, including small business is recognising the importance of this medium.In this course manual you will learn how people and corporations are using blogs and how you can develop and implement a custom strategy to build your brand online through blogging.Format: PDF, A4 size, 26 pages, 10,000 words (ePub version in preparation)Price: $4.95ISBN: N/AFirst published: 2010, updated 2011Click here for more

An introduction to computers

The things you need to know
In this point and click age, many people jump into computing without understanding what it all means. This introductory course is designed for novices in the world of computers. Written in plain English this course takes the reader through the evolution of modern-day computers and how they have impacted on our life of work, explains the important aspects to bear in mind in making a purchasing decision, the difference between hardware and software and basic applications you will need to know how to use. We discuss how to maintain the health and security of your computer once you start to use it. Finally, we look at social networking and how to use the web to your advantage while keeping yourself protected.This manual is based on the Microsoft Vista operating system.Note: This course has been superseded by ‘Making friends with computers’ Format: PDF, A4 size, 70 pages, 23,000 words Price: $2.95ISBN:978-0-9807978-0-0 (pdf)First published: 2010Click here for more

Courses in preparation

Marketing for small business (due August 2012)

No business can survive unless it has customers. But how do your potential customers know about your business and what gives you a competitive edge over your competition? This course provides an introduction to marketing – from a small business perspective! It shows you how you find and reach your customers and how you can give your products and services a competitive edge. The knowledge and skills you gain will be invaluable and could save you from costly mistakes.

Advanced English for international business (due August 2012)

In today’s information economy, writing good English has become more important than ever before. And as business has gone global, being able to write appropriately for an international audience adds a further dimension to good writing abilities. This course looks at fundamental writing skills that focus on the words and the way they are constructed to deliver clear and unambiguous messages to clients and customers whose cultural background may be different from your own.This course teaches the composition skills you need to write good quality English and how to adapt your style to an international audience. The words we use and the style we take may mean different things to different people. When working internationally, you need to understand the subtleties of the language. This skill will give you confidence, a competitive edge and mark you for leadership.