Combining creativity with productivity

Effective WritingThere are numerous books about writing and there are plenty about how to use computers. But there are very few books that put the two together.

This book and the accompanying course material has been designed by Dr. Michael Clancy, and draws on his extensive experience as a writer, editor and analyst; first with the Australian government, then running his own political and economic risk consultancy in Asia and, more recently, working with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) as both editor and writer.

Working in Asia, Mike has spent a lot of time with writers and researchers who are very good at their job but who, have trouble getting their thoughts down on paper; primarily because English is not their mother tongue. At the same time, Mike noticed that many people (and not only non-English speakers) are self-taught in computer skills and in this age of point-and-click they never pick up a manual and teach themselves the finer points of their programs. Such people miss out on a lot! Going from pen and paper to a word processing screen certainly gives a person a quantum leap in productivity gain—but often, they fail to take the next step that would take that gain to another level. That is perhaps fine if all you want is to surf the internet and write the occasional letter or email to family and friends but if you need to use your computer for school, college or business then in this competitive age, you may want to learn more.

This book and the course that goes with it is designed for people who want to unlock their creative skills and increase their productivity. An experienced mentor and trainer, Mike knows the power of effective communication. It is a skill that improves self-confidence and self-esteem enabling you to move ahead in your life and in your work. Better yet! With a little time and effort, anyone can learn these skills—and (effectively used) your computer programs can help and guide you.

Written originally for non-English speaking professionals who were required to develop research reports in the English language—and to the standards specified by international organizations—Mike has recompiled this material to give it broader appeal and to give it relevance in an Australian context.

This course is an intermediate level course for people who have to write as part of their work. It is designed to teach (or improve) writing skills to adults—from those about to enter college or the workforce as well as those who, in workplace situations are required to produce quality documents. Whether you are writing a college dissertation, a business plan or a procedures manual, the effectiveness of your work will depend on three factors: (i) the quality of your content, (ii) how you have organised it and (iii) how you present it.Chart Advisor in ExcelThis course looks at writing structure and the Office programs that can add to your productivity. Our focus here is on the basic tools and techniques for organizing your thoughts and structuring your message. The same broad principles apply whether you are writing an inter-office memo or embarking on your Ph.D. thesis.

This course is about documents you can prepare and print yourself. It is spread over four modules with an additional module designed for non-native English speakers and which outlines common pitfalls. As an introduction to this course, Module 5 of the Get Connected, Get Business Course provides an introduction to some of the advanced features of MS Office.

Two symbols appear throughout the text:

Exercises This symbol denotes an exercise that can be found in the class workbook associated with the course.
Additional reading This symbol denotes additional reading material that will be provided in class or which can be found online.

This book follows the general spelling conventions as laid out in the Macquarie Dictionary. Where two or more alternative spellings are allowed, we normally apply the first such spelling. Exceptions are made for proper names where we follow local spelling conventions.

We also use prediluvian inches as the basic unit of measurement for our documents. For those who are imperially challenged, one inch equals 2.54 centimetres.

Title Effective writing: Combining creativity with productivity
Author Dr. Michael Clancy
ISBN 978-0-98077978-1-7
Pages/words 120 pages / 39,500, words, illustrated
Tags Writing, business writing, academic writing, productivity, business writing, audience, communication, prewriting, composition, review, revision, layout, style, document types.
Updated Version of March 18, 2011

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