An introduction to Electronic Publishing

An introduction to electronic publishing

An introduction to electronic publishing

Learn how you can take advantage of this new and exciting publishing medium

This short book has been developed in response to the growing interest in eBooks, both by readers and by writers.

This is a practical manual, designed primarily for writers and trainers who may be interested in publishing their material electronically as well as those who want to be able to access, read and purchase electronic books.

This book has been written by an experienced writer and editor who is also a qualified trainer, and one who uses both PCs and Macs and is familiar with both systems.

In six easy-to-read chapters that include high quality graphics and a summary of the key points, this book will show you how

  • to access free electronic reading material through libraries and online bookstores
  • the considerations you need to bear in mind when developing an eBook
  • the emerging standards for electronic books including eBooks for smartphones and for tablets
  • to choose a publication format that is right for you
  • how to turn your manuscript into an electronic book
  • the PDF, ePub and iba formats and where they are used
  • software you can use for converting your document into an ePub file
  • how to dealing with cover pages, graphics and special features
  • eBook management software and conversion to proprietary formats
  • how to proofread your electronic book
  • options for publication.
  • ideas for distribution and promotion.

This book will give you the help your need to be able to produce your own electronic books and understand your publication options.

Available as a fully illustrated PDF and in ePub format; both formats are designed for eBook readers. The ePub version is optimised for smart phones and tablets.

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Intro to Electronic Publishing

Dr Clancy kindly passed me a review copy of this book which is up to his usual high standards and packed with useful – no, essential – information for both writers and readers. The book is easy to read in Mike's characteristic style and richly illustrated with examples. The glossary is particularly useful to explain the newspeak of ebooks to us novices. Altogether a very valuable book and I understand the course that Mike delivers based on this book has been similarly well received.

Well done Dr. Clancy.

Cutting through the confusion . . .

Mike Clancy is one of the few people I know with both the ability and the courage to produce a manual on electronic publishing at this time, when the subject is in such a state of evolution.

Mike is a prolific writer who doesn't just tell you what an eBook is and its many varieties, he sticks to his favourite maxim of "cutting through the confusion" and does so admirably.

He makes it possible for a rank amateur to take on the system and come out on top, not only covering the most obvious requirements of how to create an eBook, but also covering in detail aspects such as how to catalogue your publication with the authorities, including legal deposit requirements and how to license your work. In my experience these aspects are often forgotten by authors who are concentrating on the main job in hand.

eBooks are already capturing market that used to be dominated by paper and ink. But so far they are only nibbling at the edges of a vast cake that is going to attract an unbelievable number of mini Rupert Murdochs. That alone is a compelling reason for you to buy and devour this groundbreaking manual.

There are many more ways than one to create an eBook. As well is making this quite clear from the outset, Mike seems to have covered most available with a degree of clarity that gives any reader the opportunity to enter the field in a manner which is most convenient for him or her.

I suspect that one of the reasons Mike's manuals are so clearly laid out and extremely well illustrated is that he makes much of his living as a tutor and builds manuals like this based on his experience in the classroom. Too often manuals are produced by people who know the subject well, but have not had to stand in front of a class and make sure that every aspect required by their students (or readers) is adequately covered.

Because of this you can happily invest in this, his latest publication, knowing that it will definitely teach you how to take advantage of one of the World's newest and most effective publishing mediums.