Articles and essays by Michael Clancy

Michael has written a number of books dealing with economic and business conditions in Asia. He was the founder and editor-in-chief of the Philippines Business Review and writes regularly for NewNations, a UK-based NGO looking at global trends in governance and democracy. He also writes regular articles of which a selection are included here.

Date Topic
August 2010 Working With Words Newsletter
July 2010 Working With Words Newsletter
December 2009 Our changing climate – Why Australia should be concerned
December 2009 Philippines increasingly in election mode
December 2009 Our changing climate – Life after Copenhagen
October 2009 The growing hand of Beijing in Taiwan’s domestic affairs
March 2009 Merchants and slaves
December 2008 The future of globalization
December 2008 People’s Power fades into history
November 2008 A perfect storm
November 2008 No easy fix
September 2008 What price greed?
June 2008 Fortifying the ramparts
April 2008 The times they are a’changing
April 2008 The consequences of consequences
March 2008 Unemployment and underemployment in the Philippines