Enhance your brand image with effective and persuasive writing

Developing persuasive business documents

Developing persuasive business documents, 140 pages, 45,000 words

English is the language of international business and the way you write and present your documents determines the quality of your brand—both as an individual and as a company.

This book, used as the basis of our business writing course,  looks at the way we plan, construct and deliver business documents. Mastery of this complex subject will give you the opportunity to shine and will prepare you for leadership within your organization.

With an ability to produce well-structured business documents you have the opportunity to shape outcomes and influence decisions within your workplace. During this course you will learn

  • The dynamics of business writing and how to produce goal-oriented and persuasive documents
  • How to write in clear English so that you are easily understood
  • Composition techniques that get results
  • Designing structure and layout to suit your purpose
  • The principles of review, revision and assembly
  • Monitoring your work to ensure a positive response

With an understanding and an ability to use this knowledge you will be marked for leadership within your organisation and it will help you win more and better business.

Topics include:

The basis of workplace writing

Audience-focused writing, the importance of plain English, how to construct simple business documents

Best practices in managing a writing project

Communication strategies, writing project design and structure, aids to composition, resources, designing complex documents

Making the words work for you

Developing your first draft, going from storyboard to manuscript, tips for overcoming writer’s block, some aids to help you in your composition, aids to composition, dealing with master and sub-documents

Giving documents visual appeal

Templates, themes and styles and how to apply them, building complex documents, placing support material for optimal effect, aids to reader navigation, front and end matter, working with a layout team

Publishing your work

Finalising your document, principles of revision, review and proofreading; the role of an editor, formats for publication, distribution formats, benchmarks for determining success or whether your purpose has been achieved

Activities are included with each topic that reinforce the content and provide practical examples.

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