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Build your business with social networking

Build your business with social networking; 90 pages (pdf), 19,000 words

Completely new and revised 2012 edition

Social networking has redefined the way we interact with people. Coupled with the rise of mobile computing social networks, the social media gives you instant access to a wide group of people and enables us to broadcast our experiences to the world.

For businesses, social networking—judiciously used—can help build your brand and assist you in developing a loyal client or customer base. Social networking is not just for big business, of the three million business pages on Facebook, more than 50 percent of them are owned by small businesses.

This topic will teach you the things you need to know to harness the power of social networking in your business. Topics include:

  • how in recent years the concept of social networking has changed to the point that for many people it has become synonymous with the Internet
  • about the new “hot” sites and how individuals and businesses are using them
  • how you can use social networking sites to tell your own story or deliver your message to a wider audience than would normally be attainable
  • simple blogging and how to determine whether blogging should be part of your social networking experience
  • collaborative environments and how local businesses and community organisations are making use of social networks and wikis to share and build information bases
  • how leaders in their field have handled social networking and what you can gain from them
  • the steps you need to take to manage your brand through social networks
  • how businesses are increasingly using social networks as key components of their marketing and CRM strategies and how you can apply these techniques to your own business
  • Important considerations to keep in mind while building your presence on the Internet.

Chapters in brief

Why social networking is important

Key components of social networks, how consumers are using social media, consumer profiles, top sites and how they are being used

Blogs and wikis as social networks

How blogs can build brand credibility, how wikis can help you engage with staff and with customers

Making social media work for you

Defining your social media strategy, building your brand, creating a profile that tells your story, building a following

Integrating social media into your business model

Marketing over the Internet, building a community, the Ten Commandments of social networking

From marketing to selling

Tapping the synergies between email and social media, monitoring customer comment, using criticism to advantage, being ready to make the sale.


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