This book has been designed with workplace writing in mind. We give you the tools you need to create high quality and compelling workplace documents through cultivation of good writing practices. You will learn how to plan and structure persuasive documents; the principles of layout and style as well as the fundamentals of good editing practice.

We show you how to structure sentences for readability and correct punctuation as well as the correct use of English in the workplace. The emphasis is on business writing although it will be of benefit to all who have to write as part of their profession: those in government, those involved in academic writing and others who believe they will benefit from a refresher course in good writing practices.Templates and themesThe first part of this manual looks at the bigger picture: workplace writing as a distinct genre and the importance of writing with your audience in mind. We also emphasise the importance of defining your purpose and developing the idea of ‘key takeaways’ – the message or action plan that is part of your purpose in writing, and how you best get that message across to your reader.

We introduce the idea of a ‘communications strategy’ and walk you through the processes involved in planning and structuring any writing project. You will learn how style affects your document: the layout, tone and voice. You will learn the importance of writing in plain English and will be introduced to readability with examples of how readability can be assessed, including the inbuilt readability test within your word processor. We explain the value of style manuals and style sheets and explain how, even if working alone, you can develop a style sheet for any project to provide a distinctive and consistent look to your work.

Beyond producing the first draft of a composition, we show you how to edit a document. This includes the processes of revision, review, assembly and final proofing. Finally we show you the options you have for publication (including emerging e-book platforms) as well as explaining how to structure supporting correspondence such as covering letters, memorandums and emails and the pitfalls to avoid.

The second part of this book digs into the micro aspects of writing. It is a primer on grammar and composition. We look at the basic principles of good writing. These include sentence structure, the parts and components of a sentence and the differences between American, Australian and British English. Discussion then moves to punctuation and common mistakes in written English including commonly confused words.

This manual will be invaluable to those seeking to improve and develop their writing skills or those seeking a refresher course in writing.

Designed to support a one-day workshop, the two parts of this book are intended to be each presented in half-day sessions.

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Dr. Michael (Mike) Clancy


ISBN 978-0-9807978-5-5 (pdf)
Pages/words 70 pages / 34,500 words, illustrated
Tags business writing audience communications structure pre-writing invention
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