Will your attitude allow you to have a successful business web site?

Guest post by Don Eade

The single most important thing for you to know today about websites is that you can no longer consider them a standalone business tool. A responsible web designer must have, or have access to, a wealth of business information – especially concerning marketing and sales – much of which can only be gained from someone with years of practical experience.

It is all a matter of attitude. Successful companies now pivot their whole business operation around their website. Think about it. When someone contacts you about their business for any reason whatsoever, what is your first action after the phone conversation ends, or you have read their letter, or – more likely – their email?

That’s right. You Google them. If you are like me, you may even have their website up and running while you are talking with them.

Meantime, it’s a fair bet that the person contacting you has already been into your website, if you have one (and if you haven’t, they are probably only contacting you to sell you one).

Web sites these days are useful in many ways. They can save you a poultice on advertising, replace much of your other media advertising, gather email addresses and are a necessary response point for any highly effective promotional campaign.

They can save you hours every week in explaining the complexities and advantages of your products or services. They can instil trust in your existing customer base and using the same methods attract more clients to you, clients who actually ask you to contact them regularly (by email, of course) and look forward to you doing so

Set up correctly, your web site can also act as a standalone sales agent. Few things compare to the thrill of seeing a PayPal account balance rising without any effort on your part. It is today’s equivalent of financial independence – providing you can get the web site attracting enough interest from the right people. Hence the need for new skills like search engine optimisation (SEO).

All of this explains why I no longer consider myself a web designer, even though that is a major part of my work. It is vital to build a multitude of different factors into a website to give a client a complete business solution. After all, to use an old, old business aphorism, which is just one of many that are truer today than ever before – it is useless building the best mousetrap in the world without making the world aware of it!

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