Pre-publication and post-publication services to assist writers with their electronic publishing


Electronic publishingThe rapid rise of self-publishing, especially online publishing, is a consequence of the transformation that has occurred in buying habits as a result of the Internet. The enhanced capability of mobile computing since the introduction of tablet computing devices coupled to the increased propensity for consumers to purchase online has had profound consequences for traditional bookstores.

Yet many writers have yet to develop a proper marketing strategy to deal with this new medium. The Creative Genie can help you.

Along with the demand for traditional editing services, there is a growing demand from writers to have their manuscripts converted to a format suitable for e-publishing. But where to start?

There is a bewildering array of platforms on which to publish — Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble, iBooks — to name just a few. What are the relative benefits of each? Should you be on all of them or should you build your own online bookstore?

What about publications formats? Again there is a growing array of opportunities from simple Word and PDF documents, ePub, iPub and proprietary formats of the online bookstores. It is definitely not a case of ‘one size fits all’.

Finally, how do you promote your book? Can you rely on your publisher to promote for you or do you have to this yourself. Despite the marketing hype, the truth is that unless you are already a ‘brand’, you will be left in large part to sell yourself.

In fact, we have developed two low-cost services to help solve all these problems and it will cost less than you think; we call it our Publication service.

Pre-publication service

This service prepares your book for publication in your chosen format. The service encompasses:

  • Appraisal of your final manuscrript and advice on the most appropriate publication formats
  • Proof-reading and final editing, including correction of items missed by the editor
  • Formatting for publication with correct paragraph and character styles
  • Correct placement of image files
  • File conversion to chosen publication format and assistance with uploading
  • Selection of keywords and other meta data.

Post publication service

This service is designed to help you market your book. In the old days, you used to be able to go into a bookstore and browse before you bought. Well now you can do the same thing electronically — almost!

In fact, we are in the process of developing a dedicated website for the sole purpose of showcasing authors and their books. Viewers will be able to read about the author, view a section of the book they have written (but not the entire book), and if you want to buy, there is a link to the bookstore where the book is sold.

Readers will also be able to leave a review of the books they have bought and interact with the authors.

As this is a service underdevelopment, for the moment it is being offered as a no-cost addition to those who choose to take the pre-publication service.

Go online and check it out at

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