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Having taken a year off from work to travel overseas I am now back in Australia and while my Flickr site has been inundated with the photos I have taken, I have been remiss in keeping my blog site active. Things are now changing!

One of the tasks I undertook before leaving these shores was to set up a second website to provide writers the opportunity to showcase their work. You can find this site, Working with Words by clicking on the hyperlink.

Working with Words grew from the Gold Coast ePublishing group as a means of providing local authors with an opportunity to showcase their work. One of the most vexing problems facing authors – especially aspiring authors – is getting their work in front of people. Working with Words provides authors with the opportunity to showcase themselves and an extract of their work.  Where the book is already published we also provide links to the site from which the book may be purchased.

Having now moved from Queensland to be closer to family, I am in the process of enlarging the client base. Hopefully, this will become evident in coming months.

The other project in hand is to edit and revise the course material previously published in the period to 2012. With web programs constantly changing, it is time to update if these books are to serve a useful purpose into the future.

Watch this space.

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