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In recent weeks we have been running our Marketing for Small Business course at the Gold Coast TAFE and in August will move on to Internet Marketing. Two other related courses, Social Media and Blogging for Business provide additional insight as to how businesses (and individuals) can build their online credibility.

The plan now is to put these all together as an integrated series on marketing for small business. The basic Marketing for Small Business will continue to be offered as a single package. However, the follow-on package Taking your business online has greater flexibility in delivery and can also be offered as individual units to those who want it.

The Small Business Marketing Integrated Series

Session 1

Session 2

Session  3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Marketing for Small Business

Taking your business online

Understanding your market

Developing a marketing

Undertaking marketing activities

Marketing on the Internet

Using Social Media

Blogging for Business

At this stage, these are only ideas that we are considering but if accepted can be implemented from 2014 onwards.

In the meantime, our next social media course is being offered at the Ashmore Campus on Saturday 27 July. Click here for details

Internet marketing session will be at Southport on 8 August. Click here for details.

Blogging for business is scheduled for 10 October. Click here for details.

The next Marketing for SMall Business course will start on 10 September for three weeks. Click here for details.




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