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What do we mean by effective writing?

Extract from the preliminary section of Word Power

Word Power

Word Power

Good and effective communication skills can be acquired by anyone with a little effort

Workplace writing is based around effective communication. It has a planned structure, is written in clear …

Courses in marketing for small business

Overview social networking 2013

In recent weeks we have been running our Marketing for Small Business course at the Gold Coast TAFE and in August will move on to Internet Marketing. Two other related courses, Social Media and Blogging for

What is the real story of online training?

Increasingly we are seeing training courses move online. We are bombarded with offers to attend webinars – some free, others quite expensive – and even universities and colleges such as TAFE sector are seeking to cut costs and reach more …

Social networking for business

Some thoughts on social networking strategies for business

Social networking is not just for keeping in touch with friends. These days enterprises—from major companies to small businesses are increasingly incorporating social networking into their own business strategies. Looking at how …

Blogging for writers

Blogging is becoming essential to writers who wish to engage with their readers

This relatively long post has grown out of discussion in the e-writers group I manage about the value of blogging and how to become a blogger. It

Business and the social media

The  social media is growing in its importance to business

The Yellow Social Media Report

The Yellow Social Media Report 2012 : Click for website

Intuitively, we are all aware of the growing interest of the business community in social media. You only have to …

Blogging can help you build your online brand

Put in its simplest form:

‘A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger.”[1]

A blog (a contraction of …

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