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What do we mean by effective writing?

Extract from the preliminary section of Word Power

Word Power

Word Power

Good and effective communication skills can be acquired by anyone with a little effort

Workplace writing is based around effective communication. It has a planned structure, is written in clear …

Word Power- hone your communication skills


WordPower is available in our bookshop in PDF format. An ePub version is in preparation.

Having worked as an editor for more than a decade and having worked as a trainer in good writing practices for a similar period, I …

Make your website an effective marketing tool

Nine rules to remember if you want your website to be an effective marketing tool

From our ‘Marketing for Small Business’ course and training manual, Chapter 3 – The growing importance of online marketing

Internet marketingWhen people visit your website, it …

Use and abuse of email

It is hard to imagine life without email, yet just fifteen years ago in the mid 1990s, email was still a novelty. Email has become pervasive and yet it has also become pernicious. It is worth spending some time looking …

An introduction to electronic publishing


Finally, after many months we have got our bookshop up and running and over the next few weeks we will be adding the course titles. In the process of reorganisation we are reviewing and updating …

Blogging can help you build your online brand

Put in its simplest form:

‘A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger.”[1]

A blog (a contraction of …

In writing, quality counts

We have already noted that standards of written English are poor in many parts of the English-speaking world and that mastery of writing is an essential ingredient in building a successful business career.

Within an organisation, the quality of your …

The need for advanced English writing skills has never been greater

In today’s information economy, writing good English has never been so important. And as business has gone global, being able to write for an international audience that crosses both national as well as cultural boundaries adds a further dimension to …

The importance of understanding your audience

From Effective Writing – combining creativity with productivity

Workplace writing is a genre that stands on its own. The underlying concept of effective workplace writing – whether it is in a commercial office, an educational institution or government – is …

The communications strategy

From Effective business writing,

In business writing, the communications strategy is part of the planning process.

There are usually three distinct parts to a communications strategy:

(1) Writing the message

(2) Delivery of the message and

(3) Monitoring your …

Audience and stakeholder analysis

Audience analysis is an important concept in many writing forms but especially in business writing. Audience analysis is about understanding your readers; what they need to know and how best to influence them – how might they best be persuaded? …

White slavery

Reza comes from the province of Zambales in the Philippines. Her home is a small town just north of the Subic Bay Freeport. She is 29 years old but no longer working. She is seeking to recover from tuberculosis which …

Converting PowerPoint to video

With social networking and especially blogging, becoming so popular these days, many people want to add PowerPoint presentations to their websites. If you are using a collaborative space to work on a presentation with colleagues, then uploading a PowerPoint presentation …

Strategies for social networking

The development of Web 2.0 which allows users to build their own web content, combined with the convergence of web and mobile phone technologies has produced an explosion in the number of people who are involved in the social networking …

Social media is becoming an important business tool

The Facebook phenomenon has impressed all of us. What started out as a social site for college friends to keep in touch with one another has now become an indispensable business tool. While many companies “know” they have to have …

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