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Choosing a computer that is right for you

From our book Making friends with computers 2012 edition

We live in a world of (what is termed) ‘convergent technologies’. When you choose to buy a computer, you have what seems to be a bewildering array of choices.

Up until …

An introduction to electronic publishing


Finally, after many months we have got our bookshop up and running and over the next few weeks we will be adding the course titles. In the process of reorganisation we are reviewing and updating …

Using the Notebook Layout View in Word 2011

MS Office users migrating to Mackintosh computers will note a number of immediate differences as compared to their programs running on a PC. For PC users, the latest version of Office is Office 2010 while for Mac users it is …

Viruses, worms, trojans and other malware

Malware is shorthand for malicious software. With the rise of the internet, so has come an increasing number of people out to exploit other people’s ignorance. When you leave the door open, do not be surprised if strangers walk in. …

The latest scam from India

A number of local residents have reported the latest telephone scam in which a company based in India claims it has a contract from Microsoft to ensure people’s operating systems are functioning properly.

“We have had a report from Microsoft …

Apples from China

With recent flooding and now cyclones, Australian primary industry is in disarray and there are fears that Australia is about to be flooded with cheap imports; apples from China and bananas from the Philippines are likely to compound the short-term …

Introduction to computers – from numbers to networks

From numbers to networks

The early electronic computers were purely number crunchers – after all that is the derivation of the word “computer”, it is something that computes. Number crunching machines have been around for many hundreds of years – …

Introduction to computers – however did we get here?

However did we get here?

This introductory module is really about a personal journey.

I have been working with computers most of my adult life. I was an undergraduate at Adelaide University in the late 1960s and remember the computer …

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