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What do we mean by effective writing?

Extract from the preliminary section of Word Power

Word Power

Word Power

Good and effective communication skills can be acquired by anyone with a little effort

Workplace writing is based around effective communication. It has a planned structure, is written in clear …

Word Power- hone your communication skills


WordPower is available in our bookshop in PDF format. An ePub version is in preparation.

Having worked as an editor for more than a decade and having worked as a trainer in good writing practices for a similar period, I …

Working with Words

Having taken a year off from work to travel overseas I am now back in Australia and while my Flickr site has been inundated with the photos I have taken, I have been remiss in keeping my blog site active. …

Create and publish your own eBooks

An electronic publishing workshop which will show you how you can self-publish on the web

Electronic publishing

Electronic Publishing

This one-day course covers the basics of writing and preparing documents and books for publication in a variety of electronic formats.

At the …

A simple checklist for writers

This blog outlines the discussion we had at our recent e-writers meeting


Anyone who writes knows how difficult it is to proof-read and edit your own work – especially if it is substantial. Yet many writers are unwilling to

Applying readability tests to a document

In Britain and America (and probably Australia), the average reading age of the population is about 13 years. This means that a magazine has to pitch its articles to this age group in order to be understood by the bulk …

So you think you don’t need an editor?

In this day of automatic spelling and grammar checkers, the need for an external editor is often overlooked. For any major writing project this is faulty logic.  Whatever writing project you are engaged in, the assistance of an editor

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