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Business and the social media

The  social media is growing in its importance to business

The Yellow Social Media Report

The Yellow Social Media Report 2012 : Click for website

Intuitively, we are all aware of the growing interest of the business community in social media. You only have to …

Cooperative blogging

The group that blogs together, flogs together

Working with Words

The author's embryonic attempt at a cooperative blog

I am often asked by independent writers as to how they should market their books. Even those that publish through commercial publishing houses such as …

Strategies for social networking

The development of Web 2.0 which allows users to build their own web content, combined with the convergence of web and mobile phone technologies has produced an explosion in the number of people who are involved in the social networking …

Social media is becoming an important business tool

The Facebook phenomenon has impressed all of us. What started out as a social site for college friends to keep in touch with one another has now become an indispensable business tool. While many companies “know” they have to have …

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