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Word Power- hone your communication skills


WordPower is available in our bookshop in PDF format. An ePub version is in preparation.

Having worked as an editor for more than a decade and having worked as a trainer in good writing practices for a similar period, I …

So you want to be a children’s author?

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Khushi who recently wrote me:

Hey Mike. How are you going? I have a question if you could please help me with it. I aspire to write a children’s book but have

A simple checklist for writers

This blog outlines the discussion we had at our recent e-writers meeting


Anyone who writes knows how difficult it is to proof-read and edit your own work – especially if it is substantial. Yet many writers are unwilling to

Cooperative blogging

The group that blogs together, flogs together

Working with Words

The author's embryonic attempt at a cooperative blog

I am often asked by independent writers as to how they should market their books. Even those that publish through commercial publishing houses such as …

An introduction to electronic publishing


Finally, after many months we have got our bookshop up and running and over the next few weeks we will be adding the course titles. In the process of reorganisation we are reviewing and updating …

Using Calibre to create your electronic book

From our new course manual ‘An introduction to electronic publishing’

Calibre is a free downloadable software application

Download Calibre

Calibre is an open-source e-book management tool and another free application that you can download from the Internet and which can be used to convert a file to …

Issues of Copyright 2

This post adds to

The Creative Commons

In recent years there has been a concerted effort to extend the knowledge community by making some works—with the author’s or creator’s permission—available to others without payment. This system is known as …

Issues of copyright 1 | Copyright and plagiarism

Part 1: Copyright and plagiarism

Things to remember about intellectual property

The prime consideration is the need to provide proper attribution for the work of others that you use in your writing and especially if the writing is to be …

Using the Notebook Layout View in Word 2011

MS Office users migrating to Mackintosh computers will note a number of immediate differences as compared to their programs running on a PC. For PC users, the latest version of Office is Office 2010 while for Mac users it is …

So you think you don’t need an editor?

In this day of automatic spelling and grammar checkers, the need for an external editor is often overlooked. For any major writing project this is faulty logic.  Whatever writing project you are engaged in, the assistance of an editor

In writing, quality counts

We have already noted that standards of written English are poor in many parts of the English-speaking world and that mastery of writing is an essential ingredient in building a successful business career.

Within an organisation, the quality of your …

The need for advanced English writing skills has never been greater

In today’s information economy, writing good English has never been so important. And as business has gone global, being able to write for an international audience that crosses both national as well as cultural boundaries adds a further dimension to …

Formatting lists

Many people have problems with correctly formatting their lists. Do you capitalize the first word of a list item? What closing punctuation should you use? These are common questions that confound many writers when they begin composition. If you are …

Using mind maps to plan a writing project

Before you can start writing, you have to know what you are going to write about. For a project of any length and substance you would normally start with the design aspect of writing. This involves defining our purpose and …

The communications strategy

From Effective business writing,

In business writing, the communications strategy is part of the planning process.

There are usually three distinct parts to a communications strategy:

(1) Writing the message

(2) Delivery of the message and

(3) Monitoring your …

Audience and stakeholder analysis

Audience analysis is an important concept in many writing forms but especially in business writing. Audience analysis is about understanding your readers; what they need to know and how best to influence them – how might they best be persuaded? …

The fundamentals of workplace writing

Module 6 of our course in effective business writing looks at the fundamentals of writing in the workplace. This is a writing genre all of its own and we will use this blog to outline some of our ideas.

Perhaps …

Our changing climate – Why Australians should be concerned

This article was one of a series published in late 2009 ahead of the Copenhagen climate conference. The recent Queensland flooding has rekindled some discussion of climate change, extreme climate events and climatic vulnerability and this article is one of

Stories from the gate

Every day, runaway workers can be seen milling around the gate at the entrance to the Labour Office of the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi. Despite the risk, they run away because of ill-treatment. Overwork, no pay as well as

White slavery

Reza comes from the province of Zambales in the Philippines. Her home is a small town just north of the Subic Bay Freeport. She is 29 years old but no longer working. She is seeking to recover from tuberculosis which …

The importance of punctuation – Dashes and hyphens, inverted commas

The appendixes to Effective Writing provides a succinct list of common writing errors. It is not a complete list but rather a compilation of some of those I come across most frequently as an editor.

Dashes and hyphens

There are …

Strategies for social networking

The development of Web 2.0 which allows users to build their own web content, combined with the convergence of web and mobile phone technologies has produced an explosion in the number of people who are involved in the social networking …

Five questions that lead to effective writing

Communication is both an art and a science. It involves the ability of the author to relate essential facts and ideas to the reading audience in a manner that the audience is able to understand and then, as needed, act …

The importance of punctuation – use of capitals, colons and semi-colons

The appendixes to Effective Writing provides a succinct list of common writing errors. It is not a complete list but rather a compilation of some of those I come across most frequently as an editor. A handy reference to have …

The overlooked “Office” suite

The Works program suite

The Works menu offers a great selection of options

When was the last time you opened Microsoft Works? Works is a simple office or home application suite that comes with your (Windows) operating system.

A few years back Works  was …

Getting a better return from MS Office

Are you among those that are still using Office 2003 or earlier because the user interface of later Office suites appears too daunting? Or have you migrated to Office 2007 or 2010 but keep asking yourself “how do they do …

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