Advanced business English skills

Advanced business English skills

Professional development


In today’s information economy, writing good English has become more important than ever before. And as business has gone global, being able to write for an international audience adds a further dimension to good writing abilities. This course looks at fundamental writing skills that focus on the words and the way they are constructed to deliver clear and unambiguous messages.

This course, developed by the presenter, teaches the composition skills you need to write good quality English that will give you confidence, a competitive edge and mark you for leadership.

Note: This course can be customised for ESL speakers


With an ability to write powerful English that is groomed to the needs of your audience you will develop your capacity for leadership and professional advancement. During this course you will learn

  • clear writing and simple constructions that can win business for you and your company
  • to adapt your writing style to your audience through understanding cultural and linguistic factors
  • to build powerful, yet easy to read sentences that will influence your readers positively
  • to recognize and correct common spelling and grammatical errors
  • how punctuation can change the meaning of what you write

Once you have and can use this knowledge you will be on the fast track towards senior management positions.


This course teaches the skills needed by today’s professionals to write high quality English and to adapt writing style to the needs of a particular audience and situation. Our companion course Developing persuasive business documents shows you how to apply these skills in the workplace. It is recommended that the two courses be taken in conjunction with one another.

Software skills, especially advanced word processing skills are also assumed. These are taught in other learning programs in the Working with Words course series.


Exercises and activities are included with each lesson and are designed primarily for self-evaluation but assessment for competencies can be arranged if required.

This course can be aligned with Australian standard units of competency in the BSB series. Contact the course instructor for details.

Course manual

Course Materials

This course is presented over five three-hour learning sessions that provide opportunities for face-to-face mentoring by a qualified Australian trainer.

Course materials consist of

  • Detailed course reference manual with activities and discussion for each session
  • Work book with graded exercises
  • Summary handouts
  • On screen presentation
  • CD ROM with additional support materials

Topics in brief

English for international business

The importance of good written English to your professional career, English as a global language, writing in plain English

The building blocks of good English

The word classes (parts of speech) and how they are used, understanding and constructing sentences and paragraphs to avoid ambiguity, using the correct determiners

Powerful writing through proper constructions

Sentences and sentence fragments, coordination and subordination, the importance of parallel constructions

Common grammatical errors

Problems with verbs, subjects and objects, proper use of pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions, all about modifiers

Style conventions that make for easy reading

Perfecting your punctuation, capitalization, use of bold, italics and underlining, abbreviations, acronyms and numbers; time and date expressions

All this and much more…