Blogging for business

Blogging for business

Intermediate | Small business

Using blogs to build your brand

This short course assumes you have basic computer skills including access to the  internet and keyboard use. It also assumes you have a basic knowledge of social networking as applied to the Internet. To start blogging you do not need to be an experienced writer or to know the intricacies of Microsoft Office although if you are a Word 2007 user, it may give you additional options for writing and posting your blogs. One of the delights of social networking and of blogging is that they are tools that almost anyone can use.

This course will be of special interest to those who need to develop online information and marketing skills for themselves, as part of an organisation or for their own business. It will also be of interest to parents who need to understand how their children are using the Internet.

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  • We look at the phenomenon of blogging as part of your online promotional strategy (either self or business) and the key principles you need to keep in mind when setting up a blog
  • We will discuss how you should organise your blogging activity and how you can use blogging for profit
  • We look at the top blogging sites and in detail at Blogger and WordPress
  • we will demonstrate how to set up and manage a blog using Word, Blogger and WordPress.
  • Finally we look at how local businesses and community organisations are making use of blogs.


Increasingly, potential employers are looking at blogging as part of the customer relations management (CRM) strategy. Internally, blogs on the corporate website are a means of informing and training staff. An ability to understand blogging will be an added skill to anyone in business dealing with clients and customers (and isn’t that just about everyone?). So if you are in CRM or HR then chances are that blogging skills will soon become an essential part of your skill set.


Half-day or three-hour session. Classroom delivery with presentation and hand-outs. Tutor’s computer is connected to the Internet to provide real life examples. Presentation is complemented with discussion and exercises plus an opportunity to explore different aspects of social networking.

Course participants will have password access to tutor’s own cloud site where they can download further course notes and continue the learning process.


Participants will gain a broad understanding of the use of blogging with special emphasis on a business environment. Real life examples will give you ideas for your own business.