This single three-hour session is designed as a workshop divided into four key topic areas: iPad features, understanding your iPad screen, adding content and applications and finally, a discussion of the most popular applications for entertainment, communication and productivity. By the end of the session you will have a better understanding of the controls, the operating system and your key apps and you will no longer need to ask ‘however did they do that?’


The iPad is the most popular tablet computer on the market and is being used not only for communication and entertainment but also as a work tool to assist in organizing busy schedules and even writing and presenting proposals. Yet few of us really know how to unlock its many features. This workshop will lift the veil and show you how to get your iPad working for you the way you want it to.

This is a practical course offered by a qualified trainer who uses the iPad as part of his teaching and presentation resources.

Through instruction as well as guided exercises you will learn

  • How your iPad works and how to customize the various buttons and controls to make your iPad do the things you want it to do
  • to organise your Home screens, rearrange your apps and pin and unpin apps from the dock
  • How to group apps into folders that you can rename and move to the location of your choice
  • How to rotate or lock your display through the multitasking bar
  • Scrolling, zooming and multi-tasking gestures that work on your touch screen
  • Adding and organizing content and syncing your iPad through iTunes or iCloud
  • Adding apps through the App store
  • To use iCloud to store projects and sync information across several devices
  • Popular apps you can use for communication, entertainment or productivity and how to add them and delete them when they are no longer required.


You will become proficient at using your iPad in a variety of situations and to perform a variety of tasks and you will have access to a wide variety of apps for entertainment, communication or productivity.


This course assumes you have an iPad and/or an iPhone and a Mac or Windows PC to sync it with.


There is no formal valuation but participants will be provided with a certificate of attendance. There will be an opportunity during class for participants to discuss and solve individual issues.


This course is not currently scheduled


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