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Marketing for small business course manual

This book will be available in late August 2012

No business can survive unless it has customers. But how do your potential customers know about your business and what gives you a competitive edge over your competition? This course provides an introduction to marketing – from a small business perspective; how you find and reach your customers and how you give your products and services a competitive edge. The knowledge and skills you gain will be invaluable and could save you from costly mistakes.

This course assumes no prior knowledge. Participants will acquire the skills and knowledge to plan, implement and manage basic marketing and promotional activities.

Dr Mike Clancy is a qualified trainer who has successfully run his own consulting businesses in Australia and in Asia for over 20 years before semi-retiring to the Gold Coast in 2009. He now works part-time as business editor and a trainer.


This is a practical course offered by a qualified trainer. Participants will be given step-by-step guidance on the fundamental principles of marketing; how to conduct market research; how to develop and implement a marketing plan and how to write persuasive business copy. The course will also provide basic guidance on ethical business practices, codes of conducts and legislative requirements.

On completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge and confidence to explore further on their own.

Through instruction as well as guided exercises you will learn how to

  • understand the market and customer buying triggers through market research
  • analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your business; develop the strengths and overcome the weaknesses
  • identify threats to and opportunities for your business
  • Write and implement a marketing plan
  • Develop marketing material and persuasive advertising copy
  • Ensure the cost-effectiveness of the money you spend
  • use the web to level the playing field and techniques for being pro-active with your customers through the Internet.


This course is designed for small business owners and those who are considering starting their own business. Participants will need to have functional use of a computer including access to the Internet as well as writing skills.

Participants will also be expected to have a knowledge of their industry as well as government regulations that affect their industry.


Activities, based on templates provided, are designed to assist participants in the development of a business marketing strategy relevant to their own situation.

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