Professional development

Developing persuasive business documents

Developing persuasive business documents


English is the language of international business and the way you write and present your documents determines the quality of your brand—both as an individual and as a company. This course, prepared by a professional writer and editor, looks at the way we plan, construct and deliver business documents. Mastery of this complex subject will give you the opportunity to shine and will prepare you for leadership within your organisation.


With an ability to produce well-structured business documents you will work more productively, complete your tasks more quickly and you will have the opportunity to shape outcomes and influence decisions within your workplace.

During this course you will learn

  • The dynamics of business writing and how to produce goal-oriented and persuasive documents
  • How to write in clear English so that you are easily understood
  • Composition techniques and tricks you can use
  • Designing structure and layout to suit your purpose
  • Placing support material for maximum impact
  • How to reference other people’s material
  • The principles of review, revision and assembly
  • Monitoring your work to gauge its impact and ensure the response you expect.


With an understanding and an ability to use this knowledge you will be able to write and edit complex business documents, as well as manage writing projects as a team leader. You will be marked for leadership within your organization and it will help you win more and better business.


Applicants are expected to have foundation skills in English language and literacy. Taking this course in association with our companion course English composition for business is recommended for those who wish to upgrade their knowledge of modern English grammar and writing in clear English as these skills are applied in the workplace.

Software skills, especially advanced word processing skills are also assumed. These are taught in other learning programs in the course series.

Persuasive business documents - course manual

Persuasive business documents – course manual

Course Materials

This course is presented over five three-hour learning sessions that provide opportunities for face-to-face mentoring by a qualified Australian trainer.

Course materials consist of

  • detailed course reference manual with activities and exercises for each session
  • on screen presentation
  • lesson summary handouts
  • CD ROM with additional support materials

Topics in brief

Workplace writing

Focus on the audience, stakeholder analysis; writing styles and plain English; rules for simple business documents; applying the rules to create simple documents.

Managing a writing project

The communications strategy; planning and structuring your document; aids to composition; resources that you can use to help improve your writing.

Making the words work for you

From storyboard to first draft; techniques for composition and overcoming “writer’s block”; sections, paragraphs and sentences; developing transitions between ideas.

Giving your documents visual appeal

Building complex documents; templates, themes and styles; support material and how to place it; front- and back-end matter; working with a layout team.

Publishing and distributing your work

Revision, review and proofreading; the 4Cs of the revision process; the different types of editing; formats for publication; distribution and monitoring your work.

All this and much more…