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Word Power – writing for the world

A two-day workshop in effective business writing designed for small business owners

Word Power

Whether we are producing client reports, or just advertising copy, everyone writes more than they probably realize. And our web content can be seen around the world. How you write is just as important as what you write. Developed originally for a Middle Eastern client, this two-day workshop will show how to write effective business English that is readily understood by all. This course covers similar ground to our advanced courses Developing effective business documents and advanced Skills for International Business but covers these topics from a small business perspective.


Through instruction as well as guided discussion you will learn in Day 1

  • The importance of writing in plain English and structuring your copy for readability
  • How to bring purpose to your writing so that your message is delivered effectively
  • Structuring your writing and applying principles of layout, tone and voice
  • To create a style sheet to bring consistency to your business documents
  • How to edit and proofread a document prior to distribution

Day 2 will cover

  • Composing different types of business documents
  • Good sentence structure and punctuation
  • Differences between Australian, British and American English
  • Common spelling and grammatical mistakes in written English and commonly confused words.


Participants will improve their writing skills and be able to compose a range of business documents. Through exercises, people will be able to hone their skills on specific document types they commonly use.


Participants will need basic computer skills and an understanding of MS Word. An understanding o PowerPoint would be an advantage. We recommend our course on Mastering MS Office for those who need to brush up.


There are a number of supporting exercises developed for course participants as well as classroom presentation material that is available online from the trainer’s website.

Following completion of this course, participants may wish to consider our course on Blogging for business or Marketing for small business.

Course Materials

This course is presented over four three-hour learning sessions (2 days) that provides opportunities for face-to-face mentoring by a qualified Australian trainer.

Course materials consist of

  • Detailed course reference manual
  • On screen presentation
  • Online folder with additional resources and reading materials

Topics in brief

Business writing

Audience analysis and focus, the communications strategy; using plain English for maximum readability.

Planning and structuring what you write

Structuring your work; the four phases of writing; the importance of transitions; using templates, themes and styles to ensure a professional look to our work; developing a style sheet for your business.

Structuring correspondence

How to structure routine correspondence; important elements of your composition that sometimes get overlooked; review and revision of your work; means of distribution and how they can change the impact of what you write.

Sentence and paragraph structures

Correct sentence structure; direct and reported speech; phrases, clauses and sentence fragments – when to use and when to avoid; subject-verb agreement and use of tense.

A primer on punctuation

Understanding correct punctuation in the Australian context; capitalisation, proper names etc.

Correct and effective use of English

Common mistakes people make and how to avoid them.

All this and much more…

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